4 Pillars of Oral Health

These four pillars or keys to oral health will be heard repeatedly in the office:

1) Brush

  • Twice daily
  • Gentle and thorough
  • Soft or extra soft brush
  • Emphasis on cleaning at the gumline

2) Floss

  • Effectively cleaning betwen your teeth
  • Once per day before bedtime
  • A variety of tools available. Our favorite is a WaterPik.

3) Protect from Physical Damage

  • Appropriate use of guards to protect against sports injuries
  • Bruxism – Clenching of grinding teeth

4) Optimal Diet

  • ReduceĀ  or eliminate sugar
  • Reduce or eliminate acidic foods and drinks
  • The debate about the optimal human diet (Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto) could go on for years but there is no question that eliminating processed foods and sugars will improve your oral and overall health.